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from Ein Ganim School
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Ein Ganim kids singing on e-pals, check it out please. If you are a member please rate and leave a comment.

Sixth grade students from Ein Ganim school in Israel sing in Hebrew to celebrate Hanukkah. The first song: Hanukkah such a lovely day, Boys and gils big and small, dance around and play--It tells how happy everyone is to celebrate the feast of light and the miracle of the jug which had enough oil to last for a day but lasted eight days! The second song tells about the traditions we have for the holiday including the spintop, we eat sweet donuts and potato pancakes to remember the miracle. It is pleasant and good for all on Hanukkah

Did you know that the word Hannukah can be spelled in more than thirty ways and that the word comes from Hebrew? After listening to the singing on the video, read more about Hannukah and the ways that the students at Ein Ganim celebrate this holiday by reading what they written here:
Read more about the history of Chanukah »

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