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06/11/2007 - 16:11

fast foodLeggi le seguenti affermazioni sulle abitudini alimentari degli adolescenti inglesi e americani e decidi se sono vere (TRUE) o false (FALSE).

1. “Brunch” is an American word made up of two words, “breakfast” and “lunch”
2. Britain’s favourite food is lamb curry
3. The ancient Aztecs used peas as money
4. The ancient Aztecs worshipped the cacao tree
5. The first Britash chocolate factory opened in London in 1657
6. A museum in Liverpool is giving chocolate covered insects to visitors
7. Milk chocolate was invented in 1975
8. In England spaghetti bolognaise is also called spag bol
9. Junk food is food that is high in fat, salt or sugar
10. In Britain vending machines now have to sell chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks
11. Average American teen eats three burgers and four portions of chips every week
12. A group of overweight Americans have successfully sued a restaurant because its food made them fat
13. In Britain lunch is a big meal for many people
14. Many English people [*****] frozen or canned food
15. There are 25 varieties of potatoes in the UK

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1. True
2. False: It’ s chicken curry
3. False: They used beans as money
4. True
5. True
6. True
7. False: It was invented in 1875
8. True
9. True
10. False: They have to sell healthy snacks instead of chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks
11. True
12. True
13. False: Lunch is often just a sandwich for many people
14. True
15. True

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