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15/11/2007 - 17:48

The little white cat

Once upon a time there was a little white cat.
Her mother and father, sisters and brothers are all black.
She thinks she is black too!
The little white cat

One day the little white cat says: “I want to be a witch’s cat”.
The little white cat looks for a witch.
She walks and she walks .
At last she finds a witch.
“Hello witch. Have you got a cat ?”
“No I haven’t got a cat”
“Well, I’m your cat!”
“No, you’re white. Witches have got black cats. Go away!”
The little white cat

The poor little white cat is so sad and hungry.
But she looks for another witch.
“Hello witch. Have you got a cat?”
“No I haven’t”
“Well, I’m your cat”
“No you’re white.Go away”
The poor little white cat!
She is so hungry and so sad.
But she looks for another witch.
At last she comes to a cottage.There is a chimney sweep eating sandwiches and cake.
The little white cat
“Hello! You are a poor little cat.
What’s wrong?”
“I’m so hungry”
“Well, here’s a sandwich”
“Thank you!” says the little white cat.
Then the little white cat looks at the chimney sweep’s bag of black soot. She puts in her paw. She looks at her paw. It’s so black!
The little white cat

She puts in her leg. It’s so black! She jumps into the bag and then she jumps out of the bag.
“You are so black!”
“Am I? Now I’m going to be a witch’s cat”
The little white cat

“You’re lucky! This is a witch’s cottage! She is sitting in the front door”.
The little cat goes to the witch.
Her eyes are closed.
“Hello, have you got a cat?”
“No, I haven’t”
“ Well, I’m your cat”
“Oh, that’s nice! Jump on my knee”.
The witch strokes the little cat. Then she says:
“What a pity, I can’t see you because I’m blind”.
The little white cat

Testo e disegni di:
Bertona Arianna
Calligari Sara

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